Breadwinner Women Lawyers

Hemington published the largest ever study about Breadwinner Women Lawyers.

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    Expanding upon our deep expertise in serving Breadwinner Women and three prior studies about Women of Wealth, we are thrilled to share our newest publication: 'What Do Breadwinner Women Lawyers Want?' by Eileen O'Connor, MBA, CFP® and Jen Dawson, CFP®.

    We understand that being a breadwinner woman today in any field can be challenging, but for women lawyers it is especially difficult to live a life full of both achievement and joy. More than 600 lawyers helped inform this study that explores three key frustrations that surfaced from our extensive research and experiences working with women lawyers:

    Frustration #1 – Why are there never enough hours in the day?

    Frustration #2 – Why aren't I making smarter financial decisions with my hard-earned income?

    Frustration #3 – Who stole my joy? Why aren't I happier?


    This study matters because by having a better relationship with money, breadwinner women lawyers can find more freedom and fulfillment in their career, and ultimately be more impactful lawyers.


    Click here for more info and a summary of the key findings (100kb PDF)