The Story Behind The Name

The name of our firm is derived from a life goal of co-founder Eileen O’Connor’s father. Growing up as one of eight children in a middle-class family, she learned early on the value of hard work and fiscal responsibility. Her father worked as an engineer for the Department of Defense and her mother worked at home. Supporting a large, happy family was not always easy.

Eileen’s father loved the beach and dreamt of owning an oceanfront beach house where they could spend time together as a family. After a number of years, when Eileen was 12 years old, he realized his dream and bought The Hemington on the outer banks of North Carolina. It proved to be all her father had hoped for, and their time there created a legacy of cherished childhood memories.

Looking back, Eileen is thankful she had such a great role model who exemplifies the power of smart financial decisions and how they can change your life. By any standard, owning a beautiful home on the ocean large enough to house a family of ten is no small financial goal. It took discipline, hard work and dedication to achieve. We could not think of a greater symbol of the rewards that are possible through effective wealth management than The Hemington.

At Hemington Wealth Management, we are singular in focus: we are committed to helping our clients make smart decisions that enable them to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be.