Lawyer Lists

  • Building More Self-Compassion Into Your Daily Life in Law

    Most of the lawyers in my life are incredibly smart, admirably ambitious, and hold themselves to extremely high standards. You also have a long list of obligations and responsibilities and generally put yourself at the bottom of the list. But being more compassionate with yourself can help you be more resilient, more creative and more open to taking risks… It can help you be a better lawyer.

    Below is a list of ideas and inspiration for building more SELF-COMPASSION into your daily life in law.

    • Celebrate Weekly Wins
    • Collect Evidence of Your Super Power
    • Reframe Failure as an Ingredient for Success
    • Stop Ruminating (Like a Girl)
    • Plan Ahead and Schedule Self-Care

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  • Tax Planning Peace Of Mind

    This month you’ve probably spent at least a few minutes thinking about taxes. And maybe when you think about taxes, you get a little stomach ache or you have a nagging voice in the back of your mind asking you – should you really be paying so much in taxes? If so, this list is for you.

    Here are the top ways lawyers can help minimize taxes and feel more confident when tax season rolls around.

    • Be organized with the basics
    • Max out retirement savings
    • Make (and Report) 529 contributions
    • Build up Roth IRA savings
    • Ensure your investments are “tax-efficient”
    • 2017 IL Taxes – Bonus Income Pre-July 1st
    • Strategize in the off-season


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  • A List for Bliss

    What greater bliss could there be than feeling 100% in control of your professional & financial future? Many lawyers will tell you that bringing in revenue and sourcing new business will help you fuel your freedom and control your destiny.

    I was honored to present to the Coalition of Women Initiatives in Law last month, highlighting Strategies for Success in Networking & Business Development.

    Here are the tips that most resonated with the group…

    • The 3 In’s
    • Rule of 1’s and 3’s
    • Quick Pitch
    • DNS
    • Building Good Habits


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